PonyBabe is Now Farbrook Studio

Dear Friends,

I have some big news to share with you:

PonyBabe is now Farbrook Studio.

I launched PonyBabe about three years ago, and ever since have been on an intense journey of learning how to run a sustainable small business.  The decision to choose a new name came from a combination of unexpected factors…

I found that although the name PonyBabe is special and meaningful to me on a personal and creative level, it turned out to be not so great from a marketing perspective.  Over the past couple years I had enough people express confusion (is it a baby thing? Is it an equestrian thing? etc etc) that I decided to rebrand with a name that would be easier for a wider audience to connect with. 

Rather than fretting too much about it all, I decided to just roll with the unexpected and try something new.  What I’ve learned as an entrepreneur (so far) is that things are always changing.  Nothing turns out exactly as I might imagine, and it’s worthwhile to practice non-attachment to things that aren’t working.  When it’s time to shift and grow, it’s easiest to allow new ideas and opportunities to have a turn, and to just keep moving forward.

So, I said goodbye to PonyBabe, and re-established my business with the name Farbrook Studio, which is a name that also holds special meaning to me.  Farbrook is the meaning of my last name, and I like how the word Studio can represent either a yoga/movement space or a creative/making space.  Since I hope to one day have a home and workspace in a beautiful natural setting, maybe with some nice clear water burbling in the background, I like how the name Farbrook Studio holds the image of my dreams. It serves to remind me why I’m working so hard to build this business. 

I am very excited to continue forward with my core mission, which is to offer my customers beautiful, comfortable clothing made with care and good intentions. 

Stay tuned, there’s more good news coming soon.

Stay Cozy,