Moving Slowly, still moving.

Whew! It's been awhile since I've updated this blog, so I'm dropping in with a little update about the state of the Studio.

It's been a long year+, and it's taken awhile for me to make sense of what makes sense for Farbrook Studio.  Before the pandemic, I was focused on meeting customers in person, through trunk shows and pop ups.  I really enjoyed connecting in person, and I'd gotten to a point (after 5 years of grinding!) where I knew in my heart that I just didn't want to keep pushing for attention on social media.  

I got comfortable with the idea of intentionally stepping away from Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, and I was looking forward to making meaningful relationships with new customers, one person at time, with growth moving at whatever pace it happened to move.  I am a slow moving person, so it felt good to honor that and structure my business to move slowly, as well.

And then we all know what happened.  Covid hit, with my home of NYC taking the brunt of the early moments... I sadly recognized that my plans to pursue in-person events rather than social media were no longer viable, but I just couldn't bring myself to pivot to the frenzy of stay-at-home online recreational shopping.

So, I slowed down even more, opened myself to experience the new pace of life and the unknown element of moving forward in any context. 

In the face of so much suffering, promoting clothing felt a bit... off to me, so I let things naturally shift toward a wait-and-see state of being, and was very happy to see that new orders continued to come in, here and there.  

In the Spring of 2021, I tentatively tested the waters with my mailing list, doing a survey to see if folks would be interested in pre-ordering Pleated Pants in new colors.  The response was positive, but I didn't see enough "yes" responses to make a production run in Brooklyn financially viable. 

Without enough funds, and with a supply chain that has gotten incredibly messed up and unpredictable (my fabric supplier is contending with months long delays for some fabrics), it just wasn't the right time to dive into a risky project.  However, I do feel optimistic that, when the time is right, I will be able to produce some new styles... it just might not be until 2022.

So where does that leave Farbrook Studio for the time being? Well, Farbrook Studio still exists, which I consider a blessing considering what the past year has brought.  Financially, I'm keeping the lights on and holding steady, with the hope that I'll be able to get things going with a bit more energy once our world has stabilized and it feels safe to be with groups of people.

For now, I can't make anything new, but Essential Pleated Pants are in stock and ready to ship! I've had a lot of positive feedback about how these pants have made working from home / staying home all the time much more comfortable.  When you order a pair, your investment helps me to keep paying the bills... every dollar that comes in helps to meet overhead costs and business loan obligations. 

And in a slight change of pace for me, both personally and professionally, the past year has brought a greater focus on cultivating my Embodied Psychotherapy practice, as a way to integrate my dreams of both making beautiful clothing and working as therapist and helping people.  Click here to learn more about my professional background... it might help to expand your understanding of what inspired the creation of Farbrook Studio!

Moving slowly, moving forward... facing the unknown, welcoming the unknown.  I'm feeling good about the gradual growth of my work.  Farbrook Studio is an expression of a deep wish within me to make something beautiful (and comfy!), and I'm happy that my other love - working as therapist - is coming back to the forefront as Farbrook Studio rests and recalibrates.  (Referrals are most welcome! Please send folks my way!)

It's hard to make sense of the world right now.  My effort to make sense of it has me quietly reaffirming my wish to do things slowly and purposefully, to do things with good intentions, to help people, and to try to cultivate a bit of peace between me and the people I encounter along the way.  

Thank you for sticking with Farbrook Studio, and to those who have dropped in with encouragement, enthusiastic appreciation, and orders...  t h a n k  y o u ! ! ! I see you, I appreciate you, I am uplifted by you.

Let's see what comes next.

 Stay cozy,

Rachel Fernbach is a clothing designer and licensed psychotherapist.