Happy Labor Day! PonyBabe is Proudly Made in The USA!

Happy Labor Day! PonyBabe is Proudly Made in The USA!

PonyBabe is  ethically made in the USA in Brooklyn New York

PonyBabe is a project that would not exist without the hard work of many individuals.  At our partner factory in Brooklyn, NY, skilled workers make our clothes, and we're so appreciative of their abilities.

The clothing manufacturing process involves so many steps, each of which is performed by a person who has spent years perfecting their knowledge.  

Take a moment to consider the labor that has gone into what you're wearing:

First the fabric...

  • Seed growing
  • Planting, tending, harvesting the fiber
  • Sorting and shipping raw fiber to spinning mill
  • Cleaning, carding, and spinning of fiber
  • Shipping thread/yarn to weaving or knitting mill
  • Creation of fabric (may include dyeing)
  • Shipping of fabric to distributors

And next the clothing...

  • Sourcing and ordering the perfect fabric
  • Designing the perfect pair of pants
  • Patterns are drafted by a pattern maker
  • Samples are sewn by a seamstress
  • A fit model provides feedback on fit and feel of garments
  • This process is repeated anywhere from one to five times
  • Patterns are graded (creating multiple sizes)
  • A marker is printed with all pattern pieces
  • If necessary, fabric is pre-shrunk
  • Cutters lay out and cut the fabric 
  • Individual sewers complete different tasks to create the garments (one person may sew sleeves together, while another attaches buttons or labels...)
  • If the clothing is pre-dyed, it is packaged for retail
  • If it's not dyed, it's shipped to a garment dyer
  • Finally, boxes of clothing are delivered to the designer

And don't forget...

  • A photoshoot for marketing the clothing 
  • Hours of digital work, uploading photos to websites and writing copy
  • Handwritten notes to customers
  • Packaging orders
  • Post office runs

So cheers to the workers! Labor is a fundamental part of our world, and it's worth giving thanks for all the hands that help to keep it turning.