Ethical and Eco Friendly Loungewear - Made in the USA

Ethical and Eco Friendly Loungewear - Made in the USA

PonyBabe organic ethical loungewear comfy clothes for yoga and travel

From the very beginning, PonyBabe's been grounded in two main beliefs:

1. Clothing should be comfortable... and pretty! There's no reason why the two need to be mutually exclusive.  We're committed to making clothing that feels great to wear all day long, while also looking stylish.  

2. Ethics matter.  The choices we make about where to spend money and invest in relationships count and ripple out.  So we guide our design and production with the continued consideration of the social, economic, and environmental impact of PonyBabe's place in the food chain.  We only use fabrics that are more environmentally friendly (currently this includes organic cotton and bamboo, and will eventually include hemp, modal, and tencel), partner with suppliers who have made sustainability a core element of their businesses, and manufacture locally in the USA.  

Supporting small businesses, women-owned businesses, and local businesses is an easy way to contribute to the health of our neighborhoods and local economies.  Change comes from many people making small choices on a day-to-day basis.  Shop now.