Coming Soon: The Pima/Modal Pleated Pants

Farbrook Studio’s signature style: The Pleated Pants, coming soon in a silky-soft blend of luxurious pima cotton and drapey modal, with a hint of lycra for durability and recovery.

Farbrook Studio pima cotton modal Pleated Pants

These pants are so special! Astonishingly comfy, yet refined and stylish.  You’ll wear them non-stop, when you discover that they pair perfectly with a simple tank top or T shirt to make for the perfect yoga pants, yet transition seamlessly to “regular life” by adding a cardigan or boxy sweater on top. 

The cuffs can be pushed up to your calves for a cropped look, or wear them long when your ankles get chilly.

Farbrook Studio pima cotton modal Pleated Pants

This style was created to help you dress beautifully and simply, in clothing that supports easy movement and healthy breathing.  With this in mind, I’ve updated the design to make them even more comfortable than their predecessors.  This means removing the elastic waist band (which can sometimes feel too tight on sensitive bellies) and replacing it with a wider, more flattering waist panel and a soft, stretchy, adjustable drawstring. In addition to greater comfort, this also makes the Pleated Pants friendlier to bodies that fluctuate from day to day.  

Farbrook Studio pima cotton modal Pleated Pants

Curious about quality? The Pima/Modal Pleated Pants are made at the same factory where luxury loungewear brands like Eberyjay, Lunya, and Skin produce their goods.  I followed a long trail of breadcrumbs to find this facility, and am proud to offer the same standard of exquisite quality as the well-known brands that I admire.

This style will be available for order by the beginning of September.  Sign up to the mailing list (below) or follow on instagram, and you'll hear when they're ready!

The most comfortable pants for lounge and travel.  Farbrook Studio's Pima cotton Pleated pants are the best!