Moving Slowly, still moving.

Whew! It's been awhile since I've updated this blog, so I'm dropping in with a little update about the state of the Studio.

It's been a long year+, and it's taken awhile for me to make sense of what makes sense for Farbrook Studio.  Before the pandemic, I was focused on meeting customers in person, through trunks shows and pop ups.  I really enjoyed connecting in person, and I'd gotten to a point (after 5 years of grinding!) where I knew in my heart that I just didn't want to keep pushing for attention on social media...

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Out With the Old

It's clearance time at Farbrook Studio!
I'm looking forward to making space for new projects by parting ways with the last of my original PonyBabe-branded styles. 

Now that NYC is opening back up, I'll be reaching out to a factory in the Garment District to find out how to move forward under the new circumstances...

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Let Us Be Hopeful Together

I'm dreaming of what may be possible when life returns to a more familiar rhythm. I hope that I'll be in a financial position to place orders with local manufacturers. I hope that I'll be able to visit neighborhood studios and share my offerings.  I hope that I'll get to see the smiles and happy bodies that make this project worthwhile to me.  Imagining the preciousness of being together in person is what gives me hope.

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Farbrook Studio in New York Yoga + Life Magazine

There's something really special about turning the pages of a magazine, and seeing photos of the clothing I designed and produced.  

When Liz Livingston, a New York City based Yoga teacher, reached out to me last Fall, she said she was hoping to borrow some clothing for a photoshoot focused on restorative Yoga, specifically her own approach called Yoga Piano.  She wanted to wear something comfortable, beautiful, and not overtly form fitting or "sexy."  

So, of course I said EXTREMELY YES! This is what I designed Farbrook Studio for: cozy, relaxed styles that let you move, breathe, and rest.  Perfect for Yoga, perfect for a nap.  Yogi's choice... (Click to see photos)

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