Farbrook Studio in New York Yoga + Life Magazine

There's something really special about turning the pages of a magazine, and seeing photos of the clothing I designed and produced.  

When Liz Livingston, a New York City based Yoga teacher, reached out to me last Fall, she said she was hoping to borrow some clothing for a photoshoot focused on restorative Yoga, specifically her own approach called Yoga Piano.  She wanted to wear something comfortable, beautiful, and not overtly form fitting or "sexy."  

So, of course I said EXTREMELY YES! This is what I designed Farbrook Studio for: cozy, relaxed styles that let you move, breathe, and rest.  Perfect for Yoga, perfect for a nap.  Yogi's choice... (Click to see photos)

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Introducing Farbrook Studio's New Loyalty and Referral Program!

I'm happy to introduce a new feature over here at Farbrook Studio! It's a loyalty program, combined with a referral program, wrapped up into a more streamlined email system... all of which will make it so much easier for me to communicate with you, while offering you some great new perks! 

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